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Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World

"I might have hurt this small creature you call a dog, my prediction came true though it’s quiet now." 


“Aww they are annoying but sweet if train right which leads me to ask why do you have yorkies if you don’t like them?”

"They’re vicious creatures, with the need to bark all the time and I decided to watch over the beast for a good friend." 


“What might these creatures be then?”

"They’re vicious earth creatures, I believe you call them Yorkshire terrier’s." 


“We’ll that’s to bad… You should try to ignore them.” Smiles a caring smile.

"The creatures are not to be ignored, they can get real cantankerous." 



“Why must these creatures deny me of my sleep.” 


“You poor dear”

'I don't think they like me.” 

"Why must these creatures deny me of my sleep." 

I am seperate: Battle Scars || N&T


“Yes sir… Yes. All targets were eliminated, SHIELD now has control over the base. We’re on our way back to the carrier now… Absolutely. Romanoff out.”

Natasha sighed as she leaned back against the quinjet’s wall. “I’m getting sick of these rookie-missions.” she said to Thor, who was sitting…

Thor glanced at Natasha as he saw her rubbing her temple “Calm down young Romanoff, maybe they’re just sending us because we’re to be trusted and there would be no worries, though I admit it is getting quite tiring.” Thor set his hammer down beside him as brushes his hair behind his ear “Shall we inform fury?”